Enable 365 PlanIt Circular Calendar App

Improve your business’ strategic planning using Microsoft Teams

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Create a visual overview of what’s going on in your organization quickly and easily with our annual planning app for Microsoft Teams. 
See your group’s Planner tasks and calendar appointments at a glance in your Team. 

Save time when searching for events and tasks within your organization with Enable 365 PlanIt. Effortlessly create a visually appealing and intuitive view that shows tasks from Microsoft Planner, meetings from the team’s calendar and any other event you make. If Microsoft Teams is your primary platform for collaboration and communication, PlanIt is the app for your strategic planning.

Get PlanIt free for 30 days from Microsoft AppSource, and start improving your strategic planning today!

Get the Enable 365 apps from Microsoft AppSource

See in 1 minute how PlanIt can improve your planning and your day! 

  • Create a visual overview of all your strategic activities and events in just a few clicks.
  • Keep your team focused and aligned on what’s important while fostering collaboration and communication across teams and departments
  • Get things done thanks to the seamless integration with Microsoft Planner and Outlook.
  • Hold your data safe as they remain stored in your own Microsoft 365.

Enable 365 PlanIt is easy to use, and provides a visual presentation of activities

on an annual, monthly and weekly basis

Fully integrated with Microsoft 365

The smooth integration with Microsoft 365 lets you create:

  • Tasks in Microsoft Planner
  • Teams meetings in Group Calendar
  • Events in PlanIt and tasks in Microsoft planner connected to the event.

Creating single and recurring (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually) events is easy. Configure the app with event categories and departments/locations to your needs.

Creating an entry

When creating an entry, you can choose whether it should be a single entry or a repetitive one (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually).

There is also a separate choice for whether you want a Team meeting to be created in the group calendar or a task in Planner linked to the entry.

With all data stored within your tenant and its tight integration with Planner and Outlook,

PlanIt becomes a natural part of your Microsoft 365 solution.

PlanIt circular calendar

  • App for Microsoft Teams

  • Customisable categories and colours setup

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Planner

  • Smooth integration with Outlook and Group calendar

  • «GDPR-friendly» storage of your data within your tenant

  • Mobile friendly app

Plan your year visually

Try PlanIt for Microsoft Teams free for 30 days

Get the Enable 365 apps from Microsoft AppSource

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